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Tips For Catching More Fish With The Carolina Rig

Fishing is very popular all over the world, including the United States where fishing for sport is enormous. Sure, there are a lot commercial fishermen, but sport fishing is an American pastime. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing for a living or just doing it for fun, to catch fish is the goal, and everyone wants to catch bigger fish, right? Well, what’s the best method to do that? The answer is two-fold:

  • Use live bait that is natural to the place where you are fishing
  • Utilize the Carolina Rig technique.

The best way to learn how to tie a Carolina Rig is at How To Catch Fish Network where you can learn it by really simple to understand instructions and a graphic. There are step-by-step instructions that follow a diagram that makes the whole process simple.

You will find so much advertising to promote sales on all kinds of manmade lures promising great results. These are directed at only making sales. The truth is that nothing works better than natural live bait. Why you ask, because naturally it is the real deal. When a hungry fish comes across natural bait it will see and smell the real thing. An added bonus is if that natural bait is food they are used to eating. If you are using live bait natural to their environment, then you have completed step one (1). carolina rigThe next and last step is to get that natural bait right in front of them where temptation as well as natural instincts take over the the rest is history. You will be pulling in more and bigger fish without a doubt. So, to complete step two (2) all you have to do is utilize one of the most popular and proficient fishing techniques known to man, and that is the Carolina Rig.

The Carolina Rig essentially is an angling rig that places the bait to be located at a predetermined elevation just off the bottom of lake or pond. Exactly what this will do is enable you to place the bait right where they are hanging around. The blend of utilizing natural bait then simply placing that live bait right where the fish are hanging out will certainly lead to very successful catches. The only difficult portion of the overall process is determining what the specific depth is that the fish are located. It is usually easy if you have a fish finder. The technological improvements in fish finders nowadays makes it easy to get a really good depth location of fish, let alone you located where they are as well. In the event you don’t own a fish finder you then will need to use the ole trial and error method and when you locate that sweet spot, you’ll know it.

To summarize, the two (2) things you need to do to catch more and bigger fish is to use live natural bait and the Carolina Rig set-up with that bait. This combination is lethal and really simple to understand and follow.

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